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Audio Production Services

D.Martin Movement means working to define your vision and what it sounds like. From compelling music scoring to evocative sound design, we produce, compose, organize, and deliver the assets you need every step of the way. Located in the heart of the Dallas’s creative development community, we serve some of the most innovative in the world - all of whom depend on us to deliver - no matter what the scope.


Scoring and Composition

Music is the fabric of good narrative, and we want your work to sound as good as it looks. No story is complete without a bold, evocative score - and we create emotional musical content to realize that ideal for our clients.

Sound Development

Creative sound development keeps your story alive, and can make the difference between total audience immersion and nap time.

Our Sound Development workflow will wake up your narrative.

V/O & Dialog Production

A good story needs experienced story tellers with clear, distinct voices.

Our team recognizes that voiceover services are more than just putting a mic in front of a voice actor.

Mainstream Music Audio Tracks and Vocals Recording


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