About Us

About Us

The World Needs Innovators:

The D.Martin Movement began out of necessity.

 Because of Founder/CEO Damien Martin's vast experience with various fortune 500 companies in advertising, branding, marketing, promotions, and consulting, he developed strong concepts that are used on television, radio, print, and on the internet.  Friends and family recognized his skills and hired Damien to assist them in portraying their best images, enhancing their brands, and building their dream projects.  As the work load grew, Damien began partnering with colleagues to help him with larger projects.  It was then Damien discovered the value of such a talented group of creative professionals in his network.  Damien met frequently with the group discussing similarities and sharing frustrations that many of their clients faced before working with them.  It was obvious there needed to be a more accessible solution that would assist clients in developing creative projects of all sizes. This concept gave birth to The D.Martin Movement.

The D.Martin Group consists of award winning photographers, web developers, graphic designers, video and music producers, 3D animators, marketing gurus, and business analyst/developers.  This roster was developed to include every aspect of today's business taking a client from the initial idea to launching the project.  Since Damien himself possesses several disciplines in each of these areas, he is able to set the bar extremely high giving clients the best in class on each project.  The D.Martin Group is trained to live 'outside of the box' giving your project the innovation it deserves and the recognition it needs to stand out from all the rest.  No matter how big or small your project is, join the D.Martin Movement and journey into a world of creative innovation.

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